For about 25 years TECNOBUS activity has been carried out exclusively in the specific sector of the design, manufacturing, and production of various versions of electric buses for urban public transport, never derived from any conventional vehicle.

During all these years, our buses have always had the opportunity to be very appreciated and also to be widely used as a needed valid alternative to conventional vehicles with internal combustion engines which, even if belonging to the most recent generations and built to reduce emissions according to the requirements, however, they are always very polluting and considerably aggravate the already precarious conditions of the environment within our cities.

TECNOBUS, for the operation of urban public transport lines, has recently developed and completed a complex and profitable phase of innovation, expansion and diversification of its range of products.

Since the beginning of the activity, about 600 buses have been produced, contributing to strongly innovate the urban transport sector through research and development for the use, on a large scale, of the needed technologies to manufacture ecological zero- emission buses, operating with electricity and / or thanks to alternative and renewable energy sources.

In fact, with our GULLIVER we completely achieved our targets by introducing fully low-floor buses in the historic centers, which are non-invasive thanks to their extremely small size and capable of transporting over n. 30 passengers with absolute comfort and, above all, integrally fulfilling all the requirements of the European homologations for Class I buses used for public transport.

It is indeed important to highlight that the electric GULLIVER model originally obtained approval based on the EUROPEAN DIRECTIVE 2001/85 / EC, being, by right, recognized as belonging to CLASS I, therefore enabled to transport more than 22 passengers in total.

The electric buses of this specific version achieve an autonomy and a daily mileage extended to the entire day of operation, also using an efficient and modern air conditioning system of the latest generation.

In the daily operations, the fundamental parameter of autonomy can be considered almost unlimited thank to the exclusive battery pack replacement system that allows to only one operator (in the negligible time of a few minutes, without any specific equipment, except a common manual trans pallet), to provide for the very simple operation of replacing the discharged batteries.

TECNOBUS also takes the advantage of the direct experience acquired in the daily Full-Service maintenance operations which, for a very long time, has been carrying out for many leading public transport companies.

TECNOBUS, in addition to the concrete credentials of the largest producer of electric buses, also has the privilege of being the first direct manager of the largest electric and hybrid bus fleets currently existing in Europe.

Our specialized technicians have worked directly in important companies such as ATAC S.p.A. of Rome, where over 20 years ago, we started maintenance operations on 52 first generation electric Gulliver. It was possible to cover the considerable annual mileage of over one and a half million kilometers as required by the company of the municipality of Rome. In a second phase, for the same company of the Italian capital, TECNOBUS was engaged in the maintenance of our electric buses with high-tech batteries, as part of a frame-agreement together with the supply of a total of 100 electric buses Gulliver.

In addition, this activity was also carried out at the ANM company in Naples, with a total of 32 hybrid and electric vehicles as well as at the ATAF S.p.A. of Florence which has a fleet of our electric buses with high-tech batteries.

It is also important to highlight that many of the vehicles, without prejudice to the current and persistent qualities of perfect efficiency, had the opportunity to mature 15/16 years of service and, if necessary, this data comforts and confirms the proverbial qualities of total reliability of the product.


Our service activities are carried out quickly and effectively throughout Europe.

Maintenance techicians are sent, within 24 hours, wherever a request for assistance is present.

The components and spare parts are all available at the central Tecnobus warehouse.

With flexible and smart operations, we can ensure quick deliveries in Italy and the rest of Europe in just 48 hours from the request.


The characteristics of the electric vehicles are different from those of conventional buses.

For this reason TECNOBUS organizes specific training courses for its customers on different levels. In particular, the participants are professionalized with meticulous stages on:

• Training on electric traction and operating logic
• Knowledge of the vehicle and notions on driving
• Use of batteries and repair techniques
• Courses for electronic and mechanical maintenance technicians.

The duration of the courses, based on the specific needs agreed with the Customers, starts from a minimum of 2 days to a maximum of 15 days, also including practical tests of fault diagnosis and repair procedures.