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TECNOBUS: 25 years of

urban electric buses


     The buses produced are highly appreciated and widely used as a necessary and very valid alternative to conventional vehicles with a thermal engine, they do not generate emissions and reduce the pollutants that weigh the already precarious conditions of the environment of our cities. The electric buses allow to guarantee an autonomy extended to the whole working day, using, moreover, a very efficient and modern air conditioning system of the latest generation.

Techniques of 

advanced production


      The activity of TECNOBUS is carried out in the design, construction and production of several versions of electric buses for urban public transport, never derived from any conventional type of vehicle. Our technicians have tested versions of electric buses equipped with high-tech batteries with zero emissions, which have been in service regularly for years in urban service in several European cities and have allowed exceptional results to be achieved.

Certifified assistance


      Our assistance activity is carried out quickly and effectively throughout Europe. Maintenance workers and coachbuilders are sent, within 24 hours, wherever a request for assistance is reported. The components and spare parts are all available at the Tecnobus central warehouse. With an agile operation it is able to assure fast deliveries in Italy and in the rest of Europe in just 48 hours from the request.

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Welcome to TECNOBUS


 "Hydrogen hybrid gulliver - King Juan Carlos of Bourbon visits Expo Zaragoza 2008"     TECNOBUS is the Italian company first in Europe for its exclusive and concrete commitment for the environment protection and safeguard of the precious historical heritage of most European towns.

     Its activity started 25 years ago and is based in the production and assembly facilities of Frosinone in Via Mola dei Frati, 12. The manufacturing plant, extending over an area of 10.000 sheltered square metres, deals exclusively with the design, research, development and assembly of battery-driven electric buses.

     TECNOBUS is a certified company for the Environmental Management System and for the Quality Management System, in accordance with the rules relating to the design, production of electric buses and associated spare parts through the assembly and mounting phases.

     TECNOBUS production is exclusive and peculiar in that, since its very origins, the Company has decided to center its activities on the design, manufacturing and production of different versions of electric buses intended for urban public transport. Thanks to its extreme and specific technical skills and competences, TECNOBUS can design and develop its own products without having  recourse, not even partially as concerns applied components, to conventional type vehicles transformed and adapted to electric-driven versions.

     This is a prerogative peculiar to our Company and has no comparison and application in any other product available. As witnessed by the continuous evolution of our products over the years, the base projects and their specific applications have always been TECNOBUS exclusive property and it is particolare1thanks to our technicians, exclusively specialized in the electric bus research and development applied to public transport, that it has always been possible to assure a continuous innovation of our product, in its different versions, thus making our buses more and more reliable and accessible.

     Currently we are in the process of advanced design and imminent realization of further versions of ecological buses that will always be characterized by a marked futuristic imprint.



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Chi siamo

 Tecnobus è una società che opera in Frosinone (ITALY). L'azienda è certificata  per il Sistema di Gestione della Qualità, in conformità con le norme relativamente alla progettazione, produzione di autobus elettrici e relative parti di ricambio attraverso le fasi di assemblaggio e montaggio.

Dove ci troviamo

Tecnobus Industries srl
Frosinone (FR), via Mola dei Frati, 12

+39 0775291803
Mo-Fr: 08.30 - 17.30



Written  24 Febbraio 2022

Comunicato Stampa Tecnobus

Written  8 Aprile 2022